Excellence Strategy

Athene-Program for female early career researchers

The Athene Program of the University of Tübingen aims to attract highly promising female early career researchers to an academic career by offering them support for their academic work, individual career planning and opportunities for gaining overarching professional competences.

Target group

Female early career researchers of the University of Tübingen in their postdoctoral phase and junior professors.

Not eligible to apply:

  • Members of the medical faculty with clinical/medical orientation (Dr. med.)
  • Women who have already received funding from the "Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme" or the "Brigitte Schlieben-Lange Programme" of the state of Baden-Württemberg during the funding period. However, a successful application within the framework of these two programmes after the start of the Athene funding does not lead to exclusion from the funding.

Start of funding

Currently, the program is not open for applications.

Duration of funding

2 years

Scope of funding

  1. Total amount of funding: EUR 5000/year
  2. Funding of scientific work/research: Material expenses, travel costs and student assis-tants. Researchers with family responsibilities have the possibility use funds provided for student assistants instead for additional childcare.
  3. Career planning: individual, professional and strategic career planning are comple-mented by further training to boost overarching professional skills.
  4. “Zukunftsworkshops”: Twice a year mandatory workshops take place (in German). These enable networking and the exchange of experiences between the Athene Re-searchers as well as providing the possibility to enhance soft skills. They also serve to plan the events and courses offered within the framework of the Athene Programme.

Application Deadline

Currently, the program is not open for applications.

How to apply

Please submit the relevant documents listed below compiled in one PDF document via the online application portal:
Online Application Portal

  • Covering Letter
  • CV with list of publications & copy of doctoral degree certificate
  • Declaration of the applicant about the participation in the accompanying "Zukunftsworkshop" (can be integrated into the application letter),
  • Description of the research/qualification project with scientific objectives including report on the status of the preliminary work and classification into the status of research; place within the academic environment, cooperations, applicant’s institu-tional involvement (e.g. position, scholarship), objectives and work program for the funding period (5-10 pages in total)
  • Reference from a faculty member concerning the person, the research project as well as the prospects regarding a further career in research and the timeline of the planned qualification
  • Research Institute-related qualification strategy (provided by the Institute and signed by the head of the Institute) including the following:
    • Organizational assignment of the applicant’s position/the applicant
    • Infrastructure and basic equipment, which will be provided for the applicant
    • Fields of application of the applicant in teaching and research
    • Support through the faculty/institute (i.g. mentoring, status discussions…)
    • Consent of the institute to support the applicant during her qualification

After registering at the Online Application Portal the application has to be submitted in two steps:

  1. Filling in the personal data record sheet
  2. Upload project description with attachments as one additional PDF document
    • Statements on the planned use of the funds are not yet required at the time of application
    • The application can be written in German or English.