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Tübingen Prize for Knowledge Communication

The Tübingen Prize for Knowledge Communication is intended to motivate researchers to communicate more and better information about findings and issues arising from their work to wider society. The prize is awarded once a year and honors the communication achievements of the winner in the previous calendar year.

The Tübingen Prize for Knowledge Communication is part of our University’s excellence strategy. The announcement and awarding of the prize are correspondingly linked to the duration of the institutional promotion of excellence at the University of Tübingen.


Biologist Professor Rita Triebskorn receives the Tübingen Prize for Knowledge Communication 2023 in recognition of her long-standing commitment to communicating her research findings to the general public. The Early-career Prize for Knowledge Communication goes to AI researcher Auguste Schulz.

Press release on the 2023 award

Who is eligible for the prize?

Eligible for the award are examples of knowledge communication in the media that have proven to be particularly effective and sustainable, but also eligible are exhibitions, popular science books, public lecture series and unusual teaching or practical projects with a high external impact.

Every year in November, the University will publish a call for applications to find candidates for the award. Nominations may be made by any member of the University by post or email to the Public Relations Department by 31 January of the following year at the latest. Each proposal must be justified with regard to the public response. Nominated candidates must be members of the University of Tübingen at the time of the proposal. In the case of a research group being nominated for the award, at the very least a speaker for the group must be a member of the University of Tübingen. A jury will decide on the winners each February. Members of the jury, their families and co-workers may not be nominated for the award.

Prize money

There is a main award as well as a prize for an early-career researcher. The main prize is endowed with 10,000 euros; the prize for a junior researcher with 5,000 euros.

Use of prize money

The prize money must be used for the winner’s academic work; it must be spent within a year of the award ceremony. The sum shall be transferred accordingly into a third-party funding account administered by the winner at the University of Tübingen. No payout will be made to an account not subject to University of Tübingen accountants. The use of the prize money must be documented to the central administration’s Research and Excellence Strategy section.