Excellence Strategy

Tübingen Reloaded

‘Tübingen Reloaded’ is a competitive funding program that enables Tübingen institutes and researchers to invite their international alumni back to Tübingen for a research visit. The program provides seed funding to cover travel costs and hotel accommodation for one week* in order to get the ball rolling for bilateral or multilateral collaborations. Applicants are invited to extend the visit with private, departmental or third-party funding.


  • Strengthening ties between the host and his or her international research alumni
  • Initiating and increasing the number of joint activities and collaborations (e.g. projects or publications) between the host and his or her former research fellows
  • Establishing a worldwide research alumni network of the University of Tübingen
  • Enhancing international visibility of Tübingen’s research landscape

Target groups

Applicants should be senior researchers of the University of Tübingen or affiliated institutes.
Invitations can be extended to international alumni/ae (postdocs, professors) who have carried out research at the University of Tübingen for at least 3 months and live and conduct research abroad at the time of application.


Successful applicants will get an allowance amounting to the sum that would cover travel and accommodation expenses for up to 7 days. They also may decide to spend the grant on lodging only if the travel costs will be covered privately, by the inviting/sending institute or a third party and vice-versa. In order to promote long term alumni involvement in current research projects, it is suggested that inviting parties extend the visit to a longer stay with private, departmental or third-party funding.
The seed funding can cover:

  • travel costs (economy class) on the basis of original travel tickets
  • airport transfer by public transport
  • where appropriate: visa costs on the basis of original receipts
  • accommodation in Tübingen (initially for up to 7 days)

Selection procedure

Applications should meet all four of the following criteria in order to be assessed on the basis of various further factors:

  1. Eligibility: The invited alumnus and alumna (postdocs, professors) has conducted research at the University of Tübingen for at least 3 months, has an independent academic profile and lives and conducts research abroad (research alumni, who completed a doctorate at the University of Tübingen, should have been employed abroad for at least two years).
  2. Commitment: The Tübingen host and the research alumnus or alumna have a promising joint research interest and show commitment to a verifiably sustainable cooperation, e.g. new third-party application efforts
  3. Quality: The application is clearly structured, comprehensible, and complete.
  4. Impact: The funding is used as start-up financing in order to launch new joint activities or intensify existing research cooperation.

Application procedure

Applications in German or in English should be submitted via an Online-Portal by a current researcher of the University of Tübingen or affiliated institutes and include the following information:

  1. application form
  2. short description (max. 3 pages): subject, objective(s), long-term perspective and schedule, as well as information about the previous nature, relevance and value of the cooperation
  3. timeframe and program activities of the planned visit
  4. CV of the inviting researcher and the research alumnus or alumna including proof of previous stay in Tübingen (max. 2 pages each)

Furthermore the signed confirmation of conditions and obligations (download here) has to be uploaded as a separate PDF-file.


31. May / 30. November of each year for visits within 12 months after the application deadline.