Excellence Strategy

Summer & Winter Schools for postdoctoral researchers

In addition to the offers of the Graduate Academy, the funding program primarily serves the qualification of postdocs. The aim of the Summer & Winter Schools is to expand the interdisciplinary and international networking of young researchers in addition to their scientific and methodological skills.

Target Group

Applications may be submitted by postdocs who are members of the University of Tübingen (see § 7 Grundordnung).

Six years after the doctorate (date of the certificate) are counted as the postdoc phase here. Childcare leave is additionally recognized.


  • Funding will be provided for 3 to 5 days events addressing scientific topics of interdisciplinary relevance.
  • In view of the international orientation of the event and the desired participation of international guest speakers, it should be conducted in English.
  • The University of Tübingen aims to reduce existing disadvantages for women. For this reason, a balanced gender ratio must be considered when selecting participants.
  • In principle, the planned event should be open to all members of the University of Tübingen. In justified individual cases, the number of participants may be limited.
  • The Summer & Winter Schools may not be applied for to finance existing events or series of events.


For the implementation of the Summer & Winter School, funding up to a maximum of 12,000 € can be applied as follows:

- student assistants for the support during the planning, organization and realization of the event (please take employer's contribution into account)

- travel expenses (flight - economy class, train - 2nd class) and accommodation (max. 95 € per night incl. breakfast) for up to 10 external, actively contributing postdocs

Guest speakers

  • Travel expenses (flight - economy class, train - 2nd class)
  • Accommodation (max. 95 € per night incl. breakfast)


  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch snacks


  • once per event
  • max. 40,00 € per person
  • only for active contributors named in the program (speakers, moderators, organizers)

For online and hybrid events

  • technical equipment and support
  • professional recording, live streaming and archiving
  • moderation

Funding period

The event is to be held within one year of submission of the application.


15.03. / 15.09. every year

The applications will be evaluated by the University’s Research Commission.

Application procedure

Applications can be submitted via the online application portal

  • Detailed information on how to apply can be found in the internal area (registration with university login).
  • Please submit the form Declaration & Fact Sheet (signed by the head of your institute and your dean) together with the application. You can download the form in the internal area of the Excellence Strategy.

Application scope

max. 7 pages