Excellence Strategy

Sharing Knowledge

The University of Tübingen wants to strengthen its commitment in regard to transferring knowledge to society, businesses and politics. A central measure in this context is the new communication concept Sharing Knowledge, which, with a comprehensive portfolio of communication formats, will not only highlight the individual research areas and their results, but also aims to present the University's entire research in a generally understandable and transparent manner.

Above all, events are planned which aim to break down the barriers between science and society and overcome them in the long term. The University will also expand well-established programs – such as the Children's University – and offer courses designed to promote a positive attitude towards science and research, especially in the natural and life sciences.

Comprehensive and proactive science communication is always a challenge, given the complexity, specialization and dynamics of research. Nevertheless, especially in times of increasing public scepticism, the University wishes to address this issue more intensively and ensure good and transparent science communication through Sharing Knowledge.