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Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants: Life Sciences and Natural Sciences

Innovation Grants in the Life Sciences and Natural Sciences make it possible to test the viability of possible applications arising from the results of basic research.

Junior researchers (postdocs who have recently completed a PhD) will be given the chance to turn results attained from their PhD studies into usable products. These can either be economical utilizable procedures, services or products. To be eligible for funding, projects must demonstrate a reasonable prospect of becoming commercially viable or of leading to collaboration with non-university institutions. Cooperation with non-university institutions respectively industry are desirable.

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Innovation Grants: Humanities and Social Sciences

The Innovation Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences give junior researchers the opportunity to transfer their research results to practical applications. Thus they point out alternatives to the academic career at the university. The goal is to turn results attained from the PhD studies in collaboration with extramural partners into innovative and application oriented proceedings, services and products to enable the transfer of theoretical knowledge to the public this way.

Possible projects would be e.g.:

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