Excellence Strategy

Innovation Grants

Objectives of the funding

The aim of the Innovation Grants is to give young, innovative scientists the opportunity to develop application-oriented projects for a potential market. Promising approaches for exploitable results often arise during the doctoral thesis, but are not pursued due to lack of time and pressure to publish. This personalized program provides young researchers with the necessary support to realize their innovative ideas. They can apply for their own position and start their own small working group.
Please note:

  • The project must be developed directly from the own doctoral thesis.
  • A clear innovative content as well as the economic efficiency and feasibility must be proven.
  • The scientific quality should be documented by relevance, originality and actuality of the basic research.
  • A transfer should be guaranteed after the funding period of up to two years at the latest.

Here you will find further information and calls for proposals for the sciences and life sciences as well as for the humanities and social sciences.

Information on all currently funded projects can be found here: