Excellence Strategy

Knowledge Design

Visualizations such as infographics, diagrams or visual abstracts play an increasingly important role in modern science and science communication. Today, scientific findings are not only discovered, measured, and calculated, but also graphically designed in many different ways. Due to their great accessibility and clarity, well-designed visualizations are also particularly effective in building bridges between science and society: They help to kindle interest in scientific topics and strengthen the general participation of society in scientific progress.

Against this background, the section of Knowledge Design, as a part of the Sharing Knowledge communication concept, addresses all questions of how science and scientific results can be optimally represented, structured, and communicated through graphic design. Our core objective is to support researchers of Tübingen University in fostering their skills in visual science communication, thus helping to promote the dialogue between science and society. To this end, we offer creative and customized workshops and consulting formats for researchers of all disciplines. Our main focus lies on accessible, clear, and intuitively intelligible visualizations of excellent research, with a special emphasis on the potential of modern digital media.

Current Project Highlight:

Visual Science Communication in Medicine