Excellence Strategy

Medical Technology

The Medical Technology platform is based on the cooperation within research and teaching between Tübingen and Stuttgart universities in the context of the Inter-University Centre for Medical Technology Stuttgart - Tübingen (IZST) .

While the IZST works to pursue a strengthening of networking between the universities and industry within the field, the Medical Technology research platform intends to pool the ground-level research for the applied development of new technological concepts at the Tübingen site, and also to develop initiatives in the area of imaging techniques and image processing, and sensors and signal transmission.
An important basis for this is the cooperation with the Werner Siemens Foundation, with whose help medical imaging techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography will be further developed.
Due to this world-recognised expertise, Tübingen is set to become an internationally renowned centre of such technology, particularly for its imaging technology.
With the establishment of “Industry on Campus” professorships Tübingen University provides a special opportunity to combine the skills of non-academic experts from the medical technology industry with research and teaching.

Focal points of the Platform:

New Professors on Platform 2

Prof. Dr. Christian la Fougère

Professor of: Nuclear Medicine

Research focus

Molecular imaging techniques using radiolabeled pharmaceuticals and positron-emission-tomography (PET) for the assessment of pathobiochemical and pathophysiological changes in oncology, neurooncology and neurology.

We aim to use those multi-parametric imaging techniques in order to provide an insight in physiological (adaptive) as well as pathophysiological changes in the brain, which may lead to an individualized treatment stratification.

Industry on Campus (IoC) Professors

Dr. Boris Hofmann

Project: Uni Tübingen- Aesculap AG

Dr. Siegfried Wahl

Project: Zeiss Vision Lab