Institute of Media Studies

Nina Altmaier, M.A.

Nina Altmaier, born in 1992, is a Research Assistant in the project 'Media Abstinence as a Tactic of Self-Assertion in the Digital Age' at the Chair of Professor Guido Zurstiege.

University of Tübingen
Media Studies
Nauklerstr. 35
72074 Tübingen


Nina Altmaier's research focuses on self-directed learning practices in online environments, user-generated learning media, and tactics of media abstinence.

Curriculum Vitae

Nina Altmaier is a Research Assistant in the project "Media Abstinence as a Tactic of Self-Assertion in the Digital Age".

She studied Media Studies at the University of Trier, completing both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In her Master's thesis, titled "Screening the Invisible – Climate Change in Documentary Film," she explored the characteristics and evolution of the portrayal of climate change in documentary film. After her studies, she interned at the Goethe-Institut in Kyoto and worked at the ZEIT publishing house.

Following this, she worked at the University of Bremen in the collaborative project "Digital extracurricular learning and education-related practices of adolescents." Her focus was on collaborative learning in digital spaces.

Research Focus

Research Project

  • Media Abstinence as a Tactic of Self-Assertion in the Digital Age
  • Online communities and self directed learning


  • Self-Directed Online Language Learning. Practices, Motivations and Communication among Learners. (Working Title)


  • Audiovisual News Communication on the Internet - A Comparison of Vice News and heute journal


  • Screening the Invisible – Climate Change in Documentary Film


  • Altmaier, N., Kratel, V. A. E., Borchers, N. S., & Zurstiege, G. (2024). Studying digital disconnection: A mapping review of empirical contributions to disconnection studies. First Monday.
  • Honkomp-Wilkens, V., Jung, P., Altmaier, N., Wolf, K. D., & Pentzold, C. (2024). Learning Together with YouTube? Adolescents’ Collective Use of Explanatory Audiovisual Content. Computers in the Schools, 0(0), 1–21.
  • Honkomp-Wilkens, V., Wolf, K. D., Jung, P., & Altmaier, N. (2022). Informelles Lernen auf YouTube: Entwicklung eines Analyseinstruments zur Untersuchung didaktischer und gestalterischer Aspekte von Erklärvideos und Tutorials. MedienPädagogik: Zeitschrift Für Theorie Und Praxis Der Medienbildung, 495–528.