Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Course Rooms

Seminar Room 5P43

Capacity: up to 20 people

Beamer / LAN / WLAN / Blackboard


Michaela Istvan

Course Room 5A20

Capacity: up to 30 people

Beamer / LAN / WLAN / Blackboard / 10 x Stereo Microscopes / 5 x Phase Contrast Microscopes


Michaela Istvan

Computer Room 3H7

Capacity: up to 34 students

Beamer / LAN / WLAN / Blackboard /35 "Rundum Sorglos" PCs.


Campus System

Course Accounts

In order to be able to log in on a computer Students can use their ZDV Account. It is also possible to apply for a "Kurs-Login-ID" at the ZDV.

All Software is English.

Additional Software

Since all computers are "Rundum-Sorglos" it is not possible to install any software. All Software has to be installed by the ZDV. If you need additional software to be installed on the computers please contact Gregor Schulte first.