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Technical Reports

Symons S, Nieselt K.
Data Mining Microarray Data – Comprehensive Benchmarking of Feature Selection and Classification Methods. For the technical report click here, for supplemental material for the paper click here.




Nieselt K.
New algorithmic and visualisation approaches to comparative genomics and transcriptomics
Votrag an der Universität Halle


Nieselt K.
Mayday and beyond: New Approaches for the Visualisation of Genomics and Transcriptomics Data
Keynote-Vortrag auf dem Symposium “Biological data Visualization – the art of presenting data in Gent, Belgium


Battke F, Symons S, Nieselt K.
Mayday RLink – The best of two worlds
Presentation at UseR! 2009. For an abstract click here.