Lecture "Introduction to Neural Networks"

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell
Dates/Time Thu. 10:15 - 12:00
ECTS 3V+1Ü (6 LP)
Start Thu. 18.04.2024
Location Hörsaal 1 F119 (Sand 6/7)
Cycle every summer semester



After a short introduction to the biological foundations of neural networks, the most important algorithms of artificial neural networks and their underlying theory will be introduced.

In the assignments sheets, you will apply and deepen the acquired knowledge in theoretical and practical tasks.

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Registration (mandatory)

Via moodle: Introduction to neural networks


Basic scripting skills (such as in Python) and math background (Mathe 1+2+3)


The lecture material will be distributed via moodle (see below).


Exercises for the lecture Introduction to neural networks

Teaching Assistans: Hannah Frank, Yitong Quan, Mario Laux, Mariachiara Celato
Office hours: usually in the assignment class, in special cases by arrangement
Date/Time: Thu. 12:15 - 14:00
Location: Hörsaal 1 F119 (Sand 6/7)
Handing out of the assignment sheets: via moodle at lecture start
Submission of the assignment sheets: via moodle one week later
Return of the corrected assignment sheets: via moodle


  • Submission in teams of two

Assignment sheets and lecture material:

Via moodle: Introduction to neural networks