Maximus Mutschler


Since March 2018
Research assistant at the Department of Cognitive Systems, University of Tübingen

2015 - 2018
2015 - 2018: Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Tübingen

2011 - 2014
Bachelor of Science in Medical Computer Science at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Heilbronn

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Optimization Methods


Project Work

Administrator of the Training Center for Machine Learning Cluster (TCML-Cluster) with 40 nodes and 160 GPUs


Optimizing a motor cortex model by evolution of connectivity patterns
Master's thesis, University of Tübingen, October 2017

Softwareplagiatserkennung auf Java-Bytecodebasis
Bachelor's thesis, University of Heidelberg and University of Heilbronn, June 2014


[1] Mutschler, Maximus and Andreas Zell. “PAL: A fast DNN optimization method based on curvature information.” CoRR abs/1903.11991 (2019). (Under Review)

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