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Identifying RNA-protein complexes

Researchers of the IFIB developed a new method to identify all proteins that interact with a specific mRNA

mRNA (messenger RNA) is used in all cells to transfer genetic information from the DNA to the cytosol for later protein synthesis. Proper control of mRNA molecules, e.g. enrichment in specific cell compartments, is crucial for normal cellular function. Some neurological disorders have been linked to dysregulation of mRNA molecules.

The group of IFIB-researcher Prof. Ralf-Peter Jansen, together with the group of Prof. Boris Macek of the Proteom center of the University of Tübingen, developed a new method to investigate the interactome of a mRNA.

This new method can now be deployed on different cell types and mRNA molecules to compare the different interactomes and identify important key regulators.

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Joyita Mukherjee, Orit Hermesh, Carolina Eliscovich, Nicolas Nalpas, Mirita Franz-Wachtel, Boris Maček, and Ralf-Peter Jansen: β-Actin mRNA interactome mapping by proximity biotinylation. PNAS, 2019. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1820737116

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