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University of Tübingen supports IFIB junior researcher

Congratulations to Markus Wolters!

Dr. Markus Wolters, a postdoc of the Feil Lab at IFIB, was recently awarded with a grant from the University of Tübingen "Program for the Promotion of Junior Researchers" for his project "Comparative real-time analysis of cGMP signals linked to degeneration and regeneration of the eye and ear".

Markus develops and applies methods for real-time visualisation of cellular messenger molecules in order to understand how cells die or survive under physiological and pathological conditions. The current project focusses on neurosensory tissues of the retina and cochlea, and why and how the same messenger molecule (cyclic guanosin monophosphate, cGMP) causes death of photoreceptors of the retina, but protects cochlear hair cells from death after noise trauma.

The University's intramural funding program provides start-up financing for innovative projects with good prospects of attaining external third-party funding and aims to promote excellent junior scientists to establish independent research.

We wish Markus Wolters good success for his future work at the IFIB!

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