Englisches Seminar

Welcome to the LingTüLab

The LingTüLab of the English Department runs language studies throughout the year, and we are always looking to recruit new participants for paid studies. Simple, non-invasive language tasks usually take place on a computer, and pay starts at 8€/hour. Help us improve our knowledge about language use and comprehension by participating and earn money while doing so!

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Where to Find Us

We are in the Brechtbau (Neuphilologicum) on the first floor. When you enter the building from the front, go straight and walk up the stairs. You will see "Liegewiese" ahead and the library to your left. Go straight ahead and turn right at the end of Liegewiese. The entrance is to your right. You will see our logo right away!

Protection of Data Privacy

We assure you that your data will be treated as strictly confidential. For problems or complaints, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber