Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buhr

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buhr is Professor for Policy Analysis and Political Economy at the Institute for Political Science at EKUT. He conducts research and teaches in various policy areas with special focus on labour, health and innovation policy. Prior to this he worked as a journalist, PR-consultant and director of marketing. He Studied political science and rhetoric in Tuebingen and at Antioch University (Yellow Springs, OH, USA). His dissertation (PhD) was on innovation policy and his M.A.-thesis on "Fairness in the Welfare State".

The research group - especially Dr. Dorian Woods and Volquart Stoy - focuses on comparative welfare state analysis as well as energy, economic, innovation, education, labour, health and social policy. The team is led by Prof. Dr. Buhr and Prof. Dr. Josef Schmid who is currently the decan of the faculty. In the past they were also involved in several consulting and policy advice projects for both the state and the federal government in Germany, for associations and labour unions. In addition, team members are on the advisory board of various projects conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Hans Böckler Foundation.