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Join us forming a running group!!

Our 100 km relay run in June joined by Profs, PhD candidates and Master students teaching in the Master programm "Economics and Finance'' gave birth to the idea of a weekly running group. We think such a weekly meeting is a great opportunity to reduce the distance between teaching faculty and students. Especially, for our international students, it can also be a nice way to get to know the teaching faculty and fellow students.

The running group will meet during the lecture period, beginning  October 17, each Thursday 12:30 p.m. at the Kraftraum of the Sportinstitut (Alberstraße 27, 72074 Tübingen) located here (GoogleMaps Location)

Our idea is to run for about 60 min at a moderate pace of around 6 min 30secs to 6:45 per kilometer.

While the initiative is mainly directed at Economics and Finance master students, students of other programs (or faculty members) are welcome, too.

Questions to: Joachim Grammig, Thomas Dimpfl, Johannes Bleher