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GLOBUS Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice

Challenges to global justice are multifaceted and what is just is contested. Combining normative and empirical research GLOBUS explores underlying political and structural obstacles to justice. Analyses of the EU’s positions and policies are combined with in-depth studies of non-European perspectives on the practices of the EU. Particular attention is paid to the fields of migration, trade and development, cooperation and conflict, as well as climate change.

The team at the University of Tübingen consisting of Thomas Diez, Franz von Lucke and Bettina Ahrens will examine the contribution of the EU on climate justice.

Climate change has strong implications for global justice in direct and immediate ways. While it impacts all parts of the globe, it affects those already most vulnerable considerably more. At the same time, this is a problem where individual action is often futile. We have to act collectively in order to resolve the problem. Climate is probably the clearest example of how the global and the local are mutually dependent on each other, and how it is not possible to find just solutions without taking into consideration the interests and values of communities beyond one's own borders.

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GLOBUS Team Tübingen

Researchers: Thomas Diez, Bettina Ahrens, Franz von Lucke (left to right)

Student assistant: Lea Augenstein (very left)