Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Doctoral Students Council

What is the Council?

The Council is the primary representation for all of the doctoral students at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.



Why is the Council important?

While the research assistants who are part of the mid-level faculty have had representation for quite some time, doctoral students who are not employed by the university were only represented at the university to a very limited extent until recently. They were able to enroll, but they had no separate interest representation that would have been able to concentrate on specific questions such as changes to the doctoral degree regulations, doctoral supervision agreements, or the Graduate Academy’s program.

These gaps were closed by the third amendment to the State Higher Education Act: The Graduate Council now aims to represent the interests of all doctoral students regardless of how they are working on their doctorate and whether they are employed by the university. With the introduction of the status group our position will be strengthened again.

What are the tasks of the Council?

According to the amended Act, the Council can take positions on doctoral degree regulations and send an advisory member to the faculty board (once the status group has become official, we will also be able to vote). Otherwise there are very few regulations as to which questions the Council should work on. To a great extent, the doctoral students themselves can therefore decide on the Council’s work.


How does the Council work?

The Council’s central organs are the general assembly, which passes key decisions, and the executive board, which sends representatives to the internal faculty committees and coordinates the Council’s work.


How can I participate?

The Council continues to rely on active support from all departments and institutes. Its members can, for example, set up working groups on certain topics. If you would like to participate actively in the Council, you can send the executive board an e-mail at doktorandenkonventspam prevention@wiso.uni-tuebingen.de.




version 04/2023
To-Do-List for new doctoral students

Here you can download the rules of procedure.


Executive Board of the Council

Members (from the left):

  • Mike Lebzelter (education sciences)
  • Olivia Rachwol (historical and cultural anthropology)
  • Maximilian Ohle (political science)

The executive board is currently communicating with representatives from various University institutions and committees so that it can carry it out its tasks as effectively as possible. Among others, it is meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Graduate Academy, the Career Service’s doctoral student advising service, the Councils from other faculties and the “Forum for Graduate Councils in Baden-Württemberg.”