Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Evaluations and Quality Assurance in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

In 2013, a comprehensive concept for evaluation and quality assurance in teaching (EQL) was adopted in the WiSo Faculty. In addition to the evaluation of courses (LvE) prescribed by the evaluation regulations of the University of Tübingen, this provides for further, innovative evaluation modules at the degree programme level: the degree programme evaluation (SgE) and the round table discussions (RT) with students.

Course Evaluation (LvE)

The Dean's Office carries out an obligatory evaluation of the courses (paper pencil surveys) for each department every three semesters. The next regular LvE in the School of Business and Economics is scheduled for the winter semester 2018/19. For the Department of Social Sciences, the next evaluation will take place in the winter semester 2019/20.
In addition, since Winter 2016/17, all events of junior professors, postdoctoral researchers, and junior research group leaders have been evaluated centrally by the Dean's Office every semester.
Teachers also have the opportunity to evaluate other courses not covered by the central evaluation on their own initiative (self-evaluation) using the faculty questionnaires.

Evaluation Modules at Course Level: Course Evaluation (SgE) and Round Table Discussions (RT)

In contrast to course evaluations (LvE), which refer to the individual courses, these evaluation modules give students the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on their entire course of study. These include, for example, the following questions: Why did students choose a particular course of study? Does the course meet expectations? Do students feel supported? How could the course of studies be improved?
The first faculty-wide course evaluation took place in Summer Semester 2015. The students of almost all courses of study at the Department of Economic and Social Sciences were asked about their studies.
In Winter Semester 2015/16, the results of the course evaluation were discussed in round table discussions between students and subject representatives. The results were then prepared by the representatives of the study program into overall reports and discussed in the study commissions. These reports provided an important information basis for the further development of the degree programs within the framework of the internal accreditation that was recently completed.
In Winter Semester 2017/18 another course evaluation took place, the results of which will be discussed with the students in round tables in Summer Semester 2018. The results will be discussed in Winter Semester 2018/19 in the study commissions and then published on the internet.  


EQL Concept, questionnaires for LV evaluations on your own initiative (self-evaluation)
The documents are available for download in the internal area.

General Reports on the Evaluation of Degree Programmes and Round Tables from 2015/2016
The documents are available for download in the internal area.