Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

MAP - Mentoring for Doctoral Candidates

MAP supports first-generation academics in their academic careers, provides information about doctoral opportunities and funding models, and connects doctoral candidates and students with each other. The core of MAP is a mentoring program - here, interested students find suitable and experienced mentors who support them on their way to a doctorate. In addition, MAP also sees itself as a hub where existing offers from the university and foundations are bundled, publicized, and made accessible.



Who is the program aimed at?

MAP is aimed first and foremost at students and doctoral candidates from families with little or no connection to studies, science and academic careers - so-called First Generation Academics. They are potentially disadvantaged when it comes to deciding on further academic qualification. They often have a low opinion of their own aptitude and ability to pursue an academic career. Lack of clarity about the process and possibilities of academic qualifications as well as prerequisite application procedures are additional hurdles - especially if there are no reference persons who can report on and encourage them. The program is especially tailored to the needs of this group, but can be taken up by all interested parties.



Who are we?

MAP was initiated by the 'Doctoral Students Council' of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Tübingen, which advocates for the needs of all doctoral students at this faculty. The council organizes and coordinates MAP and is supported by other parts of the university.



Who else is involved?

We are currently supported by the Graduate Academy of the University of Tübingen, the Dean's Office and the Equality Committee of the WiSo Faculty. In addition, we are currently in the process of various cooperation requests, for example with foundations.



What is the goal of MAP?

  • Educational equity! We want MAP to contribute to equal opportunities in science.
  • Networking! Together, changes can be shaped more sustainably and with more vigor. Therefore, we are also interested in networking people who are in similar situations and stimulating exchange about their goals, problems and strategies.

How does MAP work?

MAP works as one-to-one mentoring. Mentors and mentees initially work together for one year. For this period, MAP offers a structured support program consisting of a kick-off event, training, workshops, milestone meetings and a final round. We are currently still in the process of shaping the form and function of MAP and working out all the details.



What can I contribute?

  •  Are you a researcher or are you about to finish your doctorate and work at the university? - Then we would be pleased if you would share your knowledge and experience as a mentor with (potential) doctoral candidates and thus make a contribution to equal opportunities and educational justice.
  • Are you a foundation or institution whose goals coincide with those of MAP? - Become part of the network, let us work together and stay in exchange with us: we want to make your offer known and can make sure that it can be accepted by those for whom it is intended.
  • You think MAP is a good idea, you have ideas or concrete suggestions for a successful implementation? - Feel free to contact us. We look forward to your input!