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Magazin Bildungshorizonte erschienen

Was ist guter Unterricht? Dieser zentralen Frage widmet sich die dritte Ausgabe des Magazins...

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“Price Promotions and Popular Events”

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms often run price promotions during popular events such as the...

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Awarded with best paper award by the Federal Ministry of Finance

"Market discipline? Sovereign spreads, fiscal adjustments, and political turnover" Benjamin Born,...

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Delegates of Aviation Industry Corporation of China to the meeting in Tübingen

On Wednesday, 12.12.2018, 16 Chinese delegates from the Aviation Industry Corporation of China...

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Wiwi NEWS - Focus on Europe

The European Union (EU), with its 28 member states, is an important actor with global influence. The...

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The Backbone of Europe: Health, Diet, Work, and Violence over Two Millennia

Recent Publication at the School of Business and Economics

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Honorary Professor Helmut Haussmann "My Passion: Medium World Market Leaders"

Professor Helmut Haussmann has been contributing practical experience as an independent entrepreneur...

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United Kingdom and the EU

The Department of Economics had invited to a Brexit conference on 26 October 2018. In a scientific...

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