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Funding opportunities for internships in Germany and abroad

An internship poses financial difficulties for many students. There are additional costs (travel expenses, additional apartment, higher costs of living abroad, etc...). Often the employer only pays a low fee or the internship is even completely unpaid. What is often forgotten: With early planning, there are many possibilities to secure funding for your internship!

BAföG during an internship

For students, it is possible to continue receiving BAföG during an internship. If the internship is completed in Germany, those eligible for BAföG can continue to receive BAföG with no difficulties.

Internship abroad:

Due to the higher additional costs that can arise from a stay abroad, it is sometimes possible for students to receive funding for BAföG abroad even if they are not eligible for it within Germany. The requirement for applying for BAföG abroad is that the exam regulations include a mandatory internship. Sufficient language skills are always necessary. You can find more information on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and studis online.

Erasmus Placements (Internship abroad)

This EU program provides funding for internships in other EU countries with companies, associations, educational institutions, etc. (Exceptions: EU institutions / EU projects, foreign representations of your own home country). Funding can be provided for internships at UN institutions, though!

The program is organized by the Coordination Office for the Practical Semester (KOOR).

PROMOS (Internship abroad)

The DAAD program funds stays abroad for up to 6 months. The scholarships are provided directly by the University of Tübingen in an independent selection procedure, the responsible office is Division III - International Affairs.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers two new scholarship programmes, Lehramt.International, which help students and graduates of teaching degree programs to experience school and teaching in another country. You can find all the information you need on the DAAD website.

Educational Loan

If the internship cannot be funded by wages, a scholarship, or a student’s own funds, then another possibility that can be considered is an educational loan. Educational loans are low-interest loans that are provided regardless of the student’s own income or the income of their parents, and payments don’t start until four years after studies are complete.