Excellence Strategy

Research Areas

--> Fate and Effects of Chemicals in the Environment

Research addresses water quality and related issues, including pollutant transport and degradation in soil, groundwater, and surface waters, as well as effects caused by these chemicals and their transformation products (pharmaceuticals, pesticides, persistent hydrophobic organic pollutants, etc.) in the environment.

--> Biosphere-Geosphere Interactions across Scales

This cutting-edge research theme addresses interactions and feedbacks between biota and the hydrologic, geologic, and geomorphic components active near the Earth’s surface. Central to this theme are investigations of how small-scale processes such as plant physiology, genetics, ecology and microbial processes interact with larger scale processes like modern and paleo- climate, mountain building, biodiversity, landscape evolution, and rock weathering.

--> Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

The platform envisages a broad interdisciplinary approach to research including technical, ethical, and legal aspects. In close transdisciplinary cooperation with partners from the non-scientific community we aim in developing concepts and methodologies for the protection and and management of natural ressources, also with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) elaborated by the United Nations.