University Library

Access to E-Resources

Members of the University (students and staff) can access licensed e-resources within the entire campus network. By checking your IP address, publishers’ servers automatically verify authorization and release the e-resources.

University members can generally also access licensed e-resources off campus. To do this you have the following options:

  • Log-in to campus network via VPN:

You can find instructions and further information here. 

If you have problems please contact the IT Center’s [ZDV's] support team.

  • Single sign-on (via Shibboleth):

Some providers/publishers also offer the option of logging in via Shibboleth.
To do this, select the University of Tübingen as your institution on the provider’s/publisher’s website and you will be transferred to the IT Center’s [ZDV's] Shibboleth provider. Input your IT Center [ZDV] log-in data to gain access. Please only input your log-in data on the IT Center’s website, not the website of the provider/publisher. The IT Center [ZDV] alone carries out authentication.

Are you unable to access an e-book? Our introductory video will help!

External users of the University Library can only access e-resources on the premises of the University Library (Wilhelmstraße and Natural Sciences Branch Library) and only on computers belonging to the library.