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Copying, printing and scanning

The multifunction devices provided by the Morgenstern can copy, print and scan:


In order to copy, you need a chip card (student or staff ID card of the university, user ID of the university library or guest card) with a loaded money function.



You can print documents using the PC workstations of the University Library, your own notebooks (not for external library users) or USB sticks.


  • You can print pdf documents from your notebook driverless by using mobilePrint with the software "QPilot" (description on the print server after login)
  • Outside of the university network remote access is necessary
  • You can print the print jobs at any Morgenstern device across campus
  • For printing you need your student, staff ID or library card


Two different devices are available for self-scanning:

1. Multifunction devices (normal copiers)

You can save the scans in two ways:

  •  to a USB stick
  •  to the print server (only for members of the university)

Print server: Scanning management

You can manage your scans on the print server. The login is done with the university login. This service is not accessible for external library users.

2. supervisory scanner

This device is especially useful for more extensive scanning work due to its ease of use. You need a USB stick to save the scans. The book scanner is located in the copy room on level 3 in the Ammerbau.

Scan jobs:

If you do not want to scan yourself or need very high quality digitized files (e.g. for a publication), you can also place a scan order with the Digitization Center.


B/W printer Main building (Hauptgebäude)


Learning Center (Lernzentrum)

  Ammerbau Floor 3, 4 and 5

Branch Library Natural Sciences


Color copier Main building (Hauptgebäude)


Learning Center (Lernzentrum)


Floor 4

Floor 5



Learning center

DIN A3 Paper all color copiers  
White Paper Main building (Hauptgebäude)


Learning Center (Lernzentrum)


Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5

Aufsichtscanner Ammerbau Floor 3

Prices and payment

Selection DIN A4 DIN A3

black/white single-sided

4,5 Cent 9,0 Cent
black/white double-sided 9,0 Cent 18,0 Cent
Color single-sided 10,0 Cent 20,0 Cent
Color double-sided 20,0 Cent 40,0 Cent
Scan printer 0,2 Cent 0,2 Cent
Scan bookscanner kostenfrei kostenfrei


Payment is made via the money function of the student ID card, staff ID card, library or guest card

Please note that the prices are calculated by the service provider and the library has no influence on these.

Print server

University members can manage their print jobs and scans on the print server. The login is done with the university login. Unfortunately, this service is not available for external library users.


Printing on the devices does not work? Please check the current printer status first.

Consultation hours

Assistance around the topic is offered by the Morgenstern company in its service office in the Ammerbau (University Library), room A 326, Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (Ph.: +49 (0)7071 29 74625)).

Further information
Copyright regulations:

Reproductions (paper copies or scans) may only be made in accordance with the narrow legal provisions of copyright law. Please inform yourself about this in our information flyer "Kopieren, Zitieren, ins Web stellen".