University Library

PC workstations

1. Catalog PCs

(no login / yellow stripe on top of screen)

These research-only terminals can be found near the information desks (Main building / Ammerbau) as well as in the Lending Center. There you can search the library catalog and access the library account and most university services. Free surfing on the internet is not possible.

2. Thin Clients

(Login / user card required / green stripe on top of screen)

Computers with the following range of services are available in the Learning Center (Lernzentrum) (1st floor main building) and on level 3 in the Ammerbau:

  • Internet access
  • Office software "Open Office"
  • 70 MB disk space (only in the "Documents" folder)
  • Saving to USB stick (not to external hard drives)
  • Sending print jobs

3. Windows-Terminals

(Login only for university members / red stripe on top of screen)

In the Learning Center / Lernzentrum (1st floor of the main building), the PC-Pool (Ammerbau, after the bridge on the left) and individually distributed in the University Library, computers with the following performance spectrum are available:

  • Internet access
  • Windows Office package
  • Saving to USB stick (not to external hard drives)
  • Sending print jobs

More information

Further information is available on the start page of the PCs after logging in under "Operating instructions" (Bedienungshinweise).

PC workstations are also available in the Natural Sciences Branch Library (MST) and in the PCB-Bib (Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biology, Biochemistry):