University Library

Which e-journals are on offer?

In the EZB (Electronic Journals Library) you find all the e-journals which have been licenced for the Tuebingen university campus, as well as free access journals. You can

You can read, save and print journal articles of all subscribed and freely available online journals directly on the screen ...

view tables of contents of numerous journals and abstracts of articles not subscribed to at the University of Tübingen

Who has access?

You can access the articles of the e-journals from any computer which is connected to the Tuebingen University's network (IP number 134.2.*.* ) .

Library users who are not members of the university can access the e-journals at some of our library internet computers.

Please click here to find out your IP address!

Which computer programmes and formats do I need

Many articles in e-journals are offered in the HTML format (.htm or .html) which you can open with your internet browser. Beside this there are a view other formats for which you need a special viewer:

PDF-Format : Adobe Acrobat Reader

You can get the current version of the Acrobat Reader from the Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) der Universität Tübingen

or you can download this directly form the Adope company. There you will also find instructions for the installation.

Postscript (PS)-Format : Ghostscript/GSview

Ghostscript and GSview (for OS/2 and Windows) can be downloaded via the ZDV or the Ghostscript Homepage.