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Open Access

Open access means free access to scientific publications on the Internet. The basic idea behind open access is that publicly funded research should be accessible free of charge. More and more projects, which are financed by research funds, have to be published open access. Open access is thus well on the way to becoming a standard for scientific publishing.

Why Open Access?

An open access published article is freely accessible to everyone. In addition to the increased visibility of open access publications, there are other reasons for publishing with open access.

  • According to studies, articles published in open access are read and cited more frequently than articles published in closed access journals.
  • Third-party funding providers are increasingly stipulating open access publication.
  • Research results are published more quickly.

Different Paths to Open Access

There are several ways to publish open access:

  • The Golden Way (first publication as open access)
  • The Green Way (parallel or secondary publication)
  • The Diamond Way (alternative financing model: first publication without author fees)

Advantages of Open Access