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Book towers

Freshly compiled for you from our stock, we offer a literature menu in our mobile book towers, specifically on a selected topic area.

The concept is similar to our "Books To Go" offer, but with an even stronger focus on scientific research literature.



Fit for studying (Literature List)


Barrier-free access and inclusion (Literature List)

June The dove: symbol of peace and bearer of hope (Literature List)
March Social competence (Literature List)


November Everything about energy (Literature list)
September Pop culture (Literature list)
July Archeology (Literature list)
May Everything about oil (Literature list)



November Creativity (Literature list)
May Emotions(Literature list)
April History of medicine (Literature list)




Celebration year # 2021 JLID (Literature list)
September Espionage (Literature list)
July Alchemy (Literature list)
March Raffael (Literature list)
February From student to manager (Literature list)
January Astronomy (Literature list)



December Nobel Laureate (Literature list)
September Serial killer - Who's next? (Literature list)
May In the forest and meadow (Literature list)
April Climate change (Literature list)
February Everyone needs a fairy tale (Literature list)



December Renaissance (Literature list)
October outh culture (Literature list)
August Comics in the light of science (Literature list)
July Artificial intelligence (Literature list)
June Johann Sebastian Bach (Literature list)
April Sustainability (Literature list)
March Allergies (Literature list)
February Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Literature list)



December The art of writing (Literature list)
November Age/ing  (Literature list)
October Halloween (Literature list)
September The agony of choice (Literature list)
August #notjustsad Depression (Literature list)