University Library

Barrier-Free Access to the University Library

Main Building

You can access the upper floors of the main building (“Hauptgebäude”) using the elevator/lift to the right of the main entrance (access inside the building).


There is also a direct entrance to the Ammerbau on the other side of the Ammer River that you can use Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reach it by going along the paved path which runs from the Keplerstrasse, past the multi-storey car park (Brunnenstrasse Car Park) and the library’s Ammerbau and on to the Wilhelmstrasse. There is a doorbell and an intercom system at the door and an elevator/lift close by the entrance, inside the building.


Due to the way the library buildings have deleloped over the years, there are some areas that are unfortunately difficult to access or even inaccessible for wheelchair users. Please contact the library's information team for assistance.

Telephone: (+49) 07071 29-72846 (Main building) or (+49) 07071 29-72849 (Ammerbau)


Morgenstelle Campus (Hörsaalgebäude)

The Natural Sciences Library ("Bereichsbibliothek") offers level access from the Cafeteria.


Accessible toilets are located on the ground floor of the main building ("Hauptgebäude") and on level 3, 4 and 5 of the Ammerbau. The toilets are locked and you require a Euro Key to gain access. Euro Keys can be borrowed from the information desks in the main building (one floor up from the entrance level) and in the Ammerbau.

Euro Key: (in German)


Long-term lockers are reserved for students with disabilities in the university library's foyer. They are assigned on a semester basis by the library administration ("Sekretariat").

Please contact them if you need one:
Telephone: (+49) 07071 29-72577

Borrowing Rules

If you hold a disability card ("Schwerbehindertenausweis") you can qualify for extended loan periods. Please contact the circulation desk ("Ausleihzentrum") for more information:

Telephone: (+49) 07071 29-72579

Info Leaflet: Barrier Free Access at the University Library (in German)


Heike Mattheis
Telephone: (+49) 07071 29-72846
Send an email to the Information Team


Student Counselling Service: