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TAD-edu: Scans for Lectures

You can be sent scans of articles, chapters of books and also scans of your own material which you may require for your lectures, directly to your computer, free of charge.

Who can order?

If you are a member of staff of the University of Tübingen you can order the above-mentioned scans online.

How to order

If you wish to have scans from your own material please bring it Mon-Fri 9-12 to the department "Dokumentlieferung / Fernleihe" in the University library. You can reach us by going through the "Lern- und Studienzentrum", then turn right. Please ring the bell next to the glass door.

You can then place your order and choose the format and delivery path. We require your office phone number in case we need to contact you. For statistical reasons we also need the faculty affiliation. We reserve the right to decline orders which exceed our capacities and will contact you if this is the case.

After we have processed your order we will send you an email and you can then pick up your material.

How and when will the scans be delivered?

Delivery format

Delivery methods

Please note:

It is your responsibility to observe the copyright law and regulations!

Please direct your enquiries to:

Tübinger Aufsatzdienst (TAD-edu)

Alexandra Escher

Tel.: 29-72833