University Library

Library card for members of the University

Your student or staff ID card is also your university library card. It can be activated by logging in under "My Account" [“Mein Konto”] in Katalog plus or on a PC work space in the University Library. By activating you accept our terms of use.

For lecturers and employees of the University, a personalized "institute library card" can also be set up.

External users and pupils

can receive a library card if they are residents in Baden-Württemberg.

The library card can be applied for by e-mail or on site (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 16:00). To apply by e-mail, please send scans of the application form (application form) and your identity card (front and back) or passport with confirmation of residence [Meldebestätigung] (confirmation must be no more than 6 weeks earlier) to The library card will be sent to you by mail after it has been issued.
For on-site registration you need a valid identity card or passport incl. official residence confirmation [Meldebestätigung] (confirmation must be no more than 6 weeks earlier).

If you are aged 16 to 18, please send scans of your identity card, the application form (for school pupils) and a scan of your statutory guardian’s identity card.

For non-students there is a one-off fee of 10 euros for the library card, and for students in the Tübingen-Hohenheim higher education area it is free. We will e-mail you all further information and details of how to pay once we have received your documents. By applying for a library card you accept our terms of use. Unfortunately, for licensing reasons it is only possible to access our e-media while in the library.

For guests

we offer several options.


General functions of the card and useful info

Cash function

Using your card’s cash function you can

Log-in for library account and PC work spaces

  • Students and staff use their university log-in ID
  • External users need their library card number (without a point) – your initial password is your date of birth (DDMMYYYY)

Change of address

  • the Student Administration is responsible for students
  • the HR department in University Central Administration is responsible for staff with a chip card
  • External users can register with Local Loans Department ( +49 7071 29 72579, or at Morgenstelle Branch Library ( +49 7071 29 74229,

Lost cards

  • If you lose your card, please let us know as soon as possible so we can block it:  +49 7071 29 72579, 8am to 6pm;
  • External users can receive a replacement card for a fee.
  • Students and staff must apply to the Student Administration or IT Center [ZDV] for a replacement card.