University Library

Library card for departments

  1. A library cards for departments can be issued if several persons belonging to a department of the university or an university hospital would like to borrow media for use in the rooms of the department.
  2. Regulations concerning the loan period and reminders etc. are similar to those for individual library cards:
    - there is the basic loan period of 4 weeks. Then the additional loan period begins, which can be up to 11 months for a departmental library account. During this additional loan period, the media can be reserved by other library users. The media then has to be returned by the department.
    - Loan periods which differ from the rule above (e.g. for media from interlibrary loan, for bound periodicals) can be seen on the statement of the library account.
  3. Responsibility for the media borrowed from the university library lies with the department; this also applies to payment of fines for the late return of media, as well as for any damage to the media.
  4. Please fill in this Application(de) for a departmental library card.
  5. The requirement for a departmental library card is the name of a member of staff of the department who is authorized to act in the name of the department. He or she will be our contact for any questions which may arise in connection with the department's library card. He or she also will be held responsible for returning media in time. If this person leaves the department it is necessary to name a new contact using a new application.
  6. A department can hold several library cards, each with a different contact person.
  7. Media can only be borrowed when the library card is presented.
  8. The university library will issue media to any person who presents the departmental library card. It is in the responsibility of the department to make sure that only authorised members of the department can use the library card.
  9. Please contact us immediately if the library card is lost. This prevents non-authorised persons from borrowing media with the departmental library card.

Please note:

Reserve (book) collections (Semesterapparate - de) differ from departmental library cards, having different regulations and application forms!