University Library

Guided Tours

We offer different tours for students, university employees, student assistants, tutors and school classes.

Students and all those interested in the library

You will be toured through the library on the Wilhelmstraße during the 90 minute long guided tour and be shown how to use the catalogue and other search aides we have on offer.

Dates and Registration

University employees

For employees of the university we offer tours specially adapted to you:


You can arrange a tour of the library for your group:

Barrier-free guide tour

Individuals can book an accessible tour of the University Library at any time. Please contact us.

Your own library tour

If you would like to guide groups through the library yourself as a tutor as part of the orientation phase, please note that a wealth of information bursts upon first-year students at the beginning of the semester. Therefore, we recommend that you limit such a tour to some basic information on library use:

Recommendations on implementation:

  • Please do not schedule your tours to coincide with UB tours:
  • Guiding groups through the reference collection area in Ammerbau, the Historical Reading Room (Historischer Lesesaal) or the Manuscript Reading Room (Handschriftenlesesaal) is not possible in this context - please be considerate of the people working there!

In addition, we have deposited a template tour that you can use to guide you on your tour of the UB:

Special guided tour

Are you interested in a special topic? Send us a message with suggested dates and number of participants - we will try to meet your request.

Manuscripts / Old Prints

Where can you find which historical documents? What does the UB hold? How can you use them properly?