University Library

Training courses, consultations and guided tours

The University Library offers you a wide range of guided tours, consulting services and training courses. Among other things, you can take part in research training, literature management training, or even an e-learning course on information literacy. Due to Corona, many courses take place online. Some topics can be worked through independently via the self-study portal.

Online training courses

The university library offers a varierty of online courses, which might be helpful during your studies. Have a look through our self-study modules and courses such as How to Cite Properly, How to Find Literature in Catalogues, Databases and Academic Search Engines and Regular Expressions.


We offer consultations on literature research and literature management and help you with technical questions. In addition, we support you in publishing your work as well as in the related copyright aspects.

Guided tours

We offer a 90-minute guided tour in english of the library in groups of 10 people each. Requirements are mask obligation and distance regulation.

Alternatively, you can watch a short video walk (in german) through our university library.


Group booking

Book a workshop from our training course program for groups with at least five participants (venue: University Library)