Institute of Sports Science

New publication

Fahrner, M. (2014). Teamsportmanagement. München: Oldenbourg.

Today, club competitions of the major team sports such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball and ice hockey, are organized in professional sport leagues. From an economic point of view, they constitute the most important applications of sport management with numerous occupational fields and only few similarities with club based amateur sport. Therefore, management as “muddling through”, solely based on practical experience, is no longer adequate in this context. In fact, sport managers need sound management knowledge, which is stringently elaborated in this publication: design of organizational structures, regulation of club competitions, and commercialization of broadcasting and commercial rights.

The publication is an application-oriented complement for the textbook “Principles of sport management” (2nd edition 2014). Anyhow, it is a discrete publication, describing relevant subject-matters of team sport management and explaining specific interrelations of the field. The focal points are illustrated by exemplary cases, which shall allow the readership to apply management knowledge on specific preconditions of professional team sport.