Department of Physics

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding the Master programme, please contact us either by email (Christoph Schaefer) or using the contact form below. We will collect and publish all FAQs here.


  1. Which lecture belongs to which module?
    On the last page of our Module Handbook, you will find a lecture-module-dependency table. Additionally, you can see in ALMA the link from the lecture/seminar/labwork to its module.
    Specific issues or prerequisites, not included in the table, can and shall be discussed with teachers. 
  2. What is module APP104?
    Module APP104 consists of a lecture with 3 CP and a seminar with 3 CP. You can combine any 3 CP lecture from the lectures belonging to the elective modules with the seminar for this module.
  3. Which lectures/seminars can be used in APP401?
    Module APP401 "Scientific Specialisation in Thesis Topic" requires 6 CP. Any lecture from the elective lectures or any group seminar can be used for this module.
  4. Why are not all lectures available in this term?
    Most of the lectures from the elective modules are given once per year, not once per term. 
  5. Beginning in the summer term, which lecture do I attend: Astronomy & Astrophysics (APP101) or Particle Physics (APP102) or both?
    There are two possibilities: Either you take both lectures A&A and PP in the summer term (for 18 CPs), plus one additional (better ungraded) module from the electives (+6 CP), plus the labwork in the term break (+6 CP), or you start with PP and pass A&A in the winter term. Please note, that PP is only offered in the summer term and that taking both lectures means a lot of work on the one hand, but provides a very good foundation for all elective modules.
  6. When should I attend the seminar for APP104?
    In your 2nd term.
  7. When does the labwork APP103 take place?
    APP103 is during the term break. See the central webpage for the labwork here.
  8. Which courses have to be passed to officially begin with the master thesis?
    APP101, APP102, APP103, APP104, 18 CP out of the mandatory 24 CP from the elective modules.
  9. How to submit the master thesis?
    Please see paragraph 17 from the General Provisions (available here): Submit three bound copies to the examination office plus a digital version (pdf preferred) of the thesis via email to the examination office. See also the information on Theses.