Algorithmen der Bioinformatik

BIO4399 - Computational microbiome analysis

Title BIO-4399 - Vorlesung Advanced topics in bioinformatics - Computational microbiome analysis
Lecturers Prof. Daniel Huson and Sina Beier
Venue Thursdays, 8:15-10:00, Hörsaal 2, Sand 6/7
Tutorials Tuesdays, 12:15-14:00, C311, Sand 14
Grading Grades will be based on a written or oral exam.
Language English
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Participants must have already taken "Grundlagen der Bioinformatik" or "Bioinformatics I", or an equivalent course.


Please use Ilias to enroll in this course and please use Ilias to submit assignments.


Weekly participation in the tutorials is mandatory.


Grades will be based on a written or oral exam.
To qualify for participation in the exam, you must attend all tutorials and must obtain at least 50% of all assignment points.
For each 10% of assignment points you obtain above 50%, your final grade will go up by 0.1.


The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the main computational questions that arise in microbiome analysis and to discuss the algorithm details of the main approaches used to address them.

The lecture will focus on the conceptual and algorithmic aspects of different approaches, whereas the tutorials will focus on the application of different methods to different types of questions and datasets.


A script is available here.


 (preliminary schedule, may change during course) 

Date Topic Assignment
20.4.  1. Introduction  Assignment 1
27.4. 2. Community profiling using the 16S rRNA gene  Assignment 2
4.5.. 3. Alpha- and beta-diversity, PCA analysis  Assignment 3
11.5. continued  Assignment 4
18.5. 4. Taxonomic analysis & functional analysis using homology  Assignment 5
 1.6. continued  Assignment 6
22.6. 5. Other approaches to taxonomic analysis  Assignment 7
29.6...  6. DNA extraction, library prep and sequencing
(PD Dr. Silke Peter, UKT)
 Assignment 8
6.7.  7. Metagenomic assembly and binning  Assignment 9
13.7. 8. Statistical analysis  Assignment 10
20.7. 9. Long read analysis  
27.7.  Oral exams according to schedule agreed upon in the lecture  

Makeup exam: 

Friday, September 22nd, 10:15-12:00, Hörsaal 2, Sand 6/7