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Program for working with autocatalytic networks

CatReNet (formerly CatlyNet) is a program for working with autocatalytic reactio networks, developed by Daniel Huson and Mike Steel.
CatReNet is written in Java (12) and uses JavaFX. The program implements a fast and exact algorithm for calculating (maximal) RAFs, CAFs, and pseudo-RAFs from any set of catalysed 'reactions' and a given 'food' set. These three notions are formalizations of the concept of a 'collectively autocatalytic set' originally introduced by Stuart Kauffman.
CatReNet is loosely based on a web application written by Dietrich Radel:

CatReNet is open source and hosted on GitHub.
Read more about autocatlyic networks and RAFs here: Hordijk, W. and Steel, M. (2017). Chasing the tail: The emergence of autocatalytic networks. Biosystems, 152: 1-10.
Download here: Download