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Publications from the Huson lab, sorted by year and author.


Arumugam, K, Bagci, C, Bessarab, I, Beier, S, Buchfink, B, Gorska, A, Qiu, G, Huson, DH, and Williams, RB (2019). 
Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long read metagenomic data 
Microbiome, 7(61).

Poole, AC, Goodrich, JK, Youngblut, ND, Luque, GG, Ruaud, A, Sutter, JL, Waters, JL, Shi, Q, El-Hadidi, M, Johnson, LM, Bar, HY, Huson, DH, Booth, JG, and Ley, RE (2019). Human Salivary Amylase Gene Copy Number Impacts Oral and Gut Microbiomes. Cell Host & Microbe, 25(4):553 - 564.e7.


Górska, A, Peter, S, Willmann, M, Autenrieth, I, Schlaberg, R, and Huson, D (2018). 
Dynamics of the human gut phageome during antibiotic treatment 
Computational Biology and Chemistry.

Huson, D, Albrecht, B, Bagci, C, Bessarab, I, Gorska, A, Jolic, D, and Williams, RB (2018). 
MEGAN-LR: New algorithms allow accurate binning and easy interactive exploration of metagenomic long reads and contigs 
Biology Direct, 13(6).

Lange, A, Beier, S, Huson, DH, Parusel, R, Iglauer, F, and Frick, J (2018). 
Genome Sequence of Galleria mellonella (Greater Wax Moth). 
Genome Announc, 6(2).

Vågene, AJ, Herbig, A, Campana, MG, Robles Garcia, NM, Warinner, C, Sabin, S, Spyrou, MA, Andrades Valtueña, A, Huson, D, Tuross, N, Bos, KI, and Krause, J (2018). 
Salmonella enterica genomes from victims of a major sixteenth-century epidemic in Mexico 
Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2(3):520–528.