Reveal – visual eQTL analytics

Reveal is our visual analytical approach to the challenges of eQTL data exploration and visualization. Reveal offers a graph-based visualization of associations between SNPs and gene expression. In addition we integrated a detailed genotype view relating summarized patient cohort genotypes with data from individual patients and statistical analyses. Although Reveal was designed for eQTL data, it also allows the exploration of GWAS data through the integration of the iHAT visualization system and several other traditional visualizations, such as Manhattan plots, and statistical methods as well as SNP effect prediction methods.


If you use Reveal, please cite:
Jäger, G., Battke, F. & Nieselt, K. (2012), “Reveal – visual eQTL analytics.”, Bioinformatics., Sep, 2012. Vol. 28(18), pp. i542-548.

Using Reveal

In order to use Reveal you have to start Mayday first, since Reveal is fully integrated into Mayday.
After starting Mayday, you can open Reveal via the “Mayday” menu.
You can start Mayday from here.


For more information on how to use Reveal please refer to this tutorial that gives an overview over the key features and shows an exemplary analysis of the BioVis 2011 contest data set.
For information on how to use Mayday’s core features, please refer to the tutorials and how-to documents on the Mayday page.
Example data of the BioVis 2011 contest data set can be downloaded as a single ZIP archive from here.
Further information on the data set and the different file types can be found here.


For questions and bug reports please contact Kay Nieselt.