Seminar: Topics in Robot Vision


Instructors Andreas Ziegler, Mario Laux
Preliminary Meeting April 18, please register via ILIAS
Credits 3 LP
Meetings weekly (Tue, 12-14)
Room C118 (C214 on the 23.05.)
Language Deutsch/English
Max. Participants 12


In this seminar we will review scientific literature on classical and modern approaches to robot vision with a focus on event cameras. Unless agreed otherwise, the seminar will be held in English. The first meeting will be on April 18, room A302 at Sand.

At the first meeting, each participant will choose a topic to research and present. Presentations will start on 2 May. Participation in the preliminary meeting is required. If you are unable to attend this session, please write to email to mario.lauxspam

You can get access to the most resources with an online-search from the university network (computer science pools, ZDV pools, VPN-client, etc.). For the literature search, it is recommended to use Google Scholar, Citeseer, arXiv.

Important note: Since there is a maximum number of 12 participants in this course, please register in ILIAS as soon as possible if you are interesting in taking the seminar.


This is a MSc Seminar, although motivated students in their 5th semester and beyond should be able to participate.