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Rudolf-Buchheim-Prize 2014 goes to two IFIB scientists

The Rudolf-Buchheim-Prize is an award given by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Experimentelle und Klinische Parmakologie und Toxikologie e.V. (DGPT) in recognition of special achievements by young scientists in experimental pharmacology, toxicology, and applied pharmaceutical research to help realize their results in practice and to support the young scientists' further development. The award can be assigned for scientific work that was published in the last two years or is currently in press or accepted for publication.

We are excited and honored to announce that Dr. Martin Thunemann and Dr. Lai Wen (Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry, University of Tübingen) have been awarded the 2014 Rudolf-Buchheim-Prize for their paper "Transgenic mice for cGMP imaging" published in in Circulation Research. We congratulate them on their hard work and successful research.

Link to publication:

Thunemann M.*, Wen L.*, Hillenbrand M., Vachaviolos A., Feil S., Ott T., Han X., Fukumura D., Jain R.K., Russwurm M., de Wit C., Feil R. (2013). Transgenic mice for cGMP imaging. Circ Res 113, 365-371. [*, contributed equally] [Abstract] [Article] [also featured "In This Issue"] [News Article]

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