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Participants and Abstracts

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Name E-Mail Title & Abstract Type
Alexander david.alexanderspam Opacities of Molecules and Dust Oral
Asensio Ramos aasensiospam Radiative Transfer in Molecular Lines Oral
Auer lhaspam Formal Solution: Explicit Answers Oral
Insight into Multidimensional Transfer Oral
Aufdenberg jaufdenbergspam Spherical and Expanding Model Atmosphere Predictions for Interferomety Poster
Avrett avrettspam Effect of Mass Flows on the Ionization Structure of the Outer Solar Atmosphere Oral
Baron baronspam Parallelization Strategies for ALI Radiative Transfer in Moving Media Oral
Bolick bolickspam    
Braun braunmspam Density Functional Calculations for Atoms in very Strong Magnetic Fields Poster
Bruls brulsspam    
Bues buesspam Cool helium-rich white dwarfs: Molecular opacities Oral
Carlsson mats.carlssonspam Numerical Multi-D Radiation (Magneto-) Hydrodynamics Oral
Deetjen deetjenspam Polarized radiation transfer - practical experience with the accelerated lambda iteration method Oral
Dreizler dreizlerspam Temperature Correction Schemes Oral
Fabiani Bendicho pfbspam Basics Multi-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Oral
Feofilov artfspam    
Ferland garyspam The Ionizing Continuum from Theta 1 Ori C, the Ionizing Star in the Orion Nebula Oral
Fokin fokinspam Some aspects of modelling of pulsating atmospheres Oral
Folini folinispam A new method for 3D radiative transfer with adaptive grids Oral
García-Gil aggspam Comparisons between Observed and Computed Visible and Near-UV Spectra of Vega
Georgiev leonidspam 2D NLTE code Poster
Gräfener goetzspam Hydrodynamic Model Atmospheres for Hot Stars Oral
Gustafsson Bengt.Gustafssonspam A Grid of Model Atmospheres for Cool Stars Poster
Haberreiter m.haberreiterspam Dominating solar opacity sources in the near UV Poster
Hadrava hadspam Limb darkening and line-profile variability in eclipsing binaries Poster
Hamann wrhspam Basic ALI in Moving Atmospheres Oral
Hauschildt yetispam Temperature Correction Schemes Oral
    Parallelization Oral
Heber ai03spam Stellar wind signatures in sdB stars? Poster
Heinzel pheinzelspam 2D Radiative Transfer in Magnetically-Confined Structures Oral
Herrero ahdspam Spectroscopic analysis of Cyg OB2 stars using Unified Models Poster
Hillier jdhspam On the Solution of the Rate Equation Oral
Ho wynnhospam Atmospheres and Spectra of Magnetic Neutron Stars Oral
Höflich pahspam Basic ALI in Moving Atmospheres Oral
    Parallelization Oral
Homeier derekspam Methane Opacities in T-dwarf Atmospheres Oral
Hubeny hubenyspam Basic ALI in Plane-parallel Atmospheres and Formal Solvers Oral
Model Photospheres with ALI Oral
Jeffery csjspam Automated analyses of stellar spectra Oral
Computational Astrophysics Tools for the GRID Poster
Jordan jordanspam Four numerical approaches to solve the radiative transfer equations in magnetized white dwarf atmospheres Oral
Jørgensen uffegjspam Molecular opacities and cool star atmospheres Oral
    Simulation of hot methane spectra Poster
Kasen dnkasenspam    
Kasparova kasparovspam Time-dependent flare models with MALI Poster
Kimeswenger Stefan.Kimeswengerspam V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object) - problems or a test for atmosphere modeling ? Poster
König mkoenigspam Heating of a White Dwarf atmosphere by irradiation with cyclotron emission Poster
Koesterke larsspam Rate Equations with ALI Oral
Korcakova korspam DFE Method in Moving Media Oral
Krticka krtickaspam Modeling of multicomponent radiatively driven stellar winds using Newton-Raphson method Oral
Kubat kubatspam Calculation of temperature using a thermal balance of electrons Oral
A computer code for calculation of NLTE model atmospheres using ALI Oral
Kutepov aakspam Infrared radiative cooling / heating of the terrestrial mesosphere / lower thermosphere Poster
Schuh schuhspam Computation of element diffusion in non-LTE stellar atmosphere models Poster
Lanz lanzspam Atomic Data in NLTE Model Atmospheres Oral
A grid of NLTE line-blanketed model atmospheres Poster
Lemke ai26spam    
Lentz lentzspam Time-dependent Moment Equation Solution for Supernova Light Curves Oral
Ludwig hglspam Wanted: Best method for solving the transfer equation in multi-D hydrodynamical model atmospheres! Oral
Lynas-Gray aelgspam    
Martins martinsspam Line blanketing effects in atmospheres of O stars Poster
McMurry andrew.mcmurryspam    
Mihalas dmihalasspam Radiation Hydrodynamics in Stellar Atmospheres Oral
Mizuno-Wiedner mizunospam A grid of model atmospheres for cool stars Poster
Morisset morissetspam Testing EUV hot stars emission with nebular modelling of IR lines Poster
Nagel nagelspam AcDc - A new code to calculate the vertical structure of accretion disks Poster
Nagendra knnspam Solutions of Polarized Line Transfer Equations in Astrophysics Oral
Nahar naharspam The Iron Project and NLTE stellar modeling Oral
Self-consistent ab initio calculations for photoionization and recombination Poster
Poolamäe praivospam    
Ramspeck ai31spam NLTE Spectral Analysis of Iron group Elements in the hot subluminous O-Star BD+28 4211 Poster
Rauch rauchspam Handling of Atomic Data Oral
Richter richterspam NLTE modeling of lines in expanding shells of LPV's Poster
NLTE Modeling of Fe II and [Fe II] lines in the shocked atmospheres of M Miras Poster
Rutten R.J.Ruttenspam Utrecht Radiative Transfer Courses Poster
NLTE in a hot hydrogen star: the Auer & Mihalas 1969 papers revisited Poster
Sapar saparspam Compact and Handy FORTRAN Code SMART for Physics of Stellar Atmospheres Oral
Schaerer schaererspam    
Schmidt schmidtspam Model Atmospheres of Massive Post-AGB Stars Poster
Schweitzer andyspam Using Superlevels to calculate Molecular NLTE Oral
Putting radiation hydrodynamics into a detailed model atmosphere calculation Poster
Semenov dimaspam Opacities for Protoplanetary Disks Poster
Simon ssimonspam    
Srinivasa Rao msraospam Reflection Effect in Close Binaries Oral
Staude astaudespam    
Stein steinspam Radiation Transfer in 3D Numerical Simulations Oral
Steinacker steinspam 3D Continuum Radiative Transfer for Young Stellar Objects Oral
Steiner steinerspam Multi-Grid Radiation Transfer Revisited Poster
Tamanai tamanaispam Optical Constants and Extinction Efficiency of Solid Materials Poster
Thomas thomasspam Synthetic spectra from 3D models of supernovae Poster
Trujillo-Bueno jtbspam The Non-LTE Problem of the second kind Oral
Uitenbroek huitenbroekspam Multi-level Accelerated Lambda Iteration with PRD Oral
Unglaub unglaubspam Diffusion calculations with mass loss in hot white dwarfs and subdwarfs Poster
Urbaneja maupspam Analysis of B Supergiants revised: plane-parallel vs. unified models Poster
van Noort noortspam 2-dimensional non-LTE Radiative Transfer in Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates Poster
Votruba votrubaspam Rayleigh-Taylor Type Instabilities in Hot Star Winds Poster
Walder walderspam    
Werner wernerspam Model Photospheres with ALI Oral
Wiedemann gwiedemaspam