Englisches Seminar

Teaching & Advising

For current courses please consult the CAMPUS platform.

Courses in the Past:

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language: An Introduction (Lecture)
  • Current Research in Foreign Language Education (Lecture) 
  • Introduction to Literary Studies (with Professors of the English Department)(Lecture)
  • Teaching about Green Matters
  • Teaching the Writing Skill
  • Participation through Language, Literature, and Culture
  • The Ambiguity of Belonging (with Horst Tonn)
  • Intercultural Encounters: The Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Intercultural Encounters: Time Travel and Literature
  • Exploring Media in the Classroom
  • Embracing Everyone: Inclusive Education and the Teaching of English
  • Planning Literature Lessons
  • Growing Up: Young Adult Literature and Foreign Language Learning
  • Environmental Issues in the Teaching of EFL
  • The Classics and Teaching EFL: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
  • Play it Again: Film Literacy
  • Teaching with Film (with Friderike Ulmer)
  • Act it out! Teaching English with Drama & Plays
  • Colloquium for Writers of Theses/ Research Papers (Bachelor/Master of Education, Lehramt)

Advising of Theses and PhD Projects

I gladly supervise research projects and theses in all of my fields of academic interest. Candidates are asked to join the Colloquium for Writers of Theses/Research Papers (see appropriate listings on the CAMPUS platform).

Dissertations / PhD Projects
  • Mario SCHADTLE on Digital Media
  • Jan Eric SCHNELLBACHER on Young Adult Dystopian Fiction
  • Dorothea SAGI on Biophilia

         (as reviewer/examiner)

  • Kim Laura WEBER: "Raising Environmental Awareness via Literature: An Ecocritical Approach to Perception of Nature and the City in 19th Century and Contemporary British Poetry" (mit Prof. Dr. Marion Gymnich, U Bonn, 2019)
  • Nina LIEWALD: "Initiating a Dialogue ‚Through the Global Community on Your Bookshelf’: Narrative Representations of Islamic Fundamentalism in Selected Novels from the 1990s to the Present” (mit Prof. Dr. Marion Gymnich, U Bonn, 2017)
  • Wasinrat NUALSIRI: "Intercultural Dimensions of Teaching Ecocritical Literature in Thai Higher Education" (U of Southampton, 2016)
Master Theses & 'Zulassungsarbeiten'
  • Alexandra SCHMIDT: "Digitalisation in the EFL-Classroom: A Critical Reflection" (U Tübingen, 2020)
  • Carolin SIHLER: "Writing Short Screenplays in the EFL-Classroom: A Critical Reflection (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Christopher SCHÄTZLE: "Challenges of Adolescence: Diversity in School Life Exemplified with J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Novels" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Annalena DÜRR: "Modern Feminist Artists: Analyzing Songs and Music Video Clips in the Advanced EFL Classroom" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Ilona UNTERWEGER: "Teaching Songs in the Classroom" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Philipp WÄSCHLE: "Teaching Indigeneity" (U Tübingen, 2018)
  • Jasmin BENTELE: "A Review of Studies on the Role of the Native Language in Adult Second Language Acquisition" (U Tübingen, 2017)
  • Sonja SAUTER: "Die Repräsentation von Gender in Englischschulbüchern des Gymnasiums" (U Tübingen, 2017)
  • Daniel SCHÖNBAUER: "Reading and Teaching the Caribbean: The Postcolonial Experience in Selected Anglophone Caribbean Short Stories" (U Bonn, 2017)
  • Jan Eric SCHNELLBACHER: "An Analysis of Selected Dystopian Elements in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go and Its Potential in the EFL Classroom" (U Bonn, 2016)
  • Johanna FRASSEK: "Teaching EFL Lexically at a German School" (U Bonn, 2016)
Bachelor Theses
  • Maximilian GIEBE: „Serious Games and their Contribution to Intercultural Learning in the EFL Classroom" (U Tübingen, 2020)
  • Hanna BOZENHARDT: "Going to the Theatre" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Sophia HIPPER: „Environmental Issue in the EFL Classroom“ (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Hildegund HOLZKNECHT: "Shakespeare in the EFL Classroom" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Julia KRINGS: "Digitalisation and Introductory Textbooks for English Teacher Professionalisation" (U Tübingen, 2019)
  • Teresa BLESSING: "World Englishes in the EFL Classroom" (U Tübingen, 2018)