Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Research Seminar in Economics

Program of the Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 02:15 pm, in seminar room 207, Nauklerstr. 50, Tübingen

April 23

Murat Yildiz, Ryerson University, Toronto

Tariff Bindings and the Dynamic Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements

April 30

Burkhard Hehenkamp, Paderborn University

Location Choice and Quality Competition in Mixed Hospital Markets

May 07


May 14

Steffen Elstner, RWI and University of Tübingen

The Consequences of U.S. Technology Changes for Productivity in Advanced Economies

May 21

Donald Davis, Columbia University

Labor Market Polarization and the Great Divergence: Theory and Evidence

May 28

Michael Pflüger, University of Würzburg

City Size, Pollution and Emission Policies

June 04

Ilse Lindenlaub, Yale University

The Worker-Job Surplus

June 18

James R. Markusen, University of Colorado

Doctorate Honoris Causa - Lecture in Großer Senat, Neue Aula at 4 pm!

June 25

Raphael Schoenle, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Five Facts about granular government spending

June 27


Friederike Niepmann, Federal Reserve Board, Washington DC

Institutional Investors, the Dollar, and U.S. Credit Conditions

Attention: This seminar takes place at 4 pm in Übungsraum 02, Alte Physik, Gmelinstr. 6

July 02

Martin Wolf, University of Vienna

The global financial resource curse

July 09

Michael Jetter, The University of Western Australia

Military intervention via drone strikes

July 16

Yoto V. Yotov, Drexel University, Philadelphia

The Effectiveness of Sanctions: New Evidence Based on Structural Gravity and a New Database

July 23

Nadja Dwenger, University of Hohenheim

Shaming for Tax Enforcement: Evidence from a New Policy