Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Economics Research Seminar

Program of the Winter Term 2022/2023


Tuesday 02:15 pm, in room 331, Mohlstr. 36, Tübingen 

    -> Please note: the seminar on 10 january takes place online!

Nov 08 Edouard Challe, European University Institute
Inequality and Optimal Exchange-Rate Policy (joint with Sushant Archaya)
Nov 15

Husnu Dalgic, University of Mannheim

Sterilized FX Interventions: Benefits and Risks (joint with Santiago Camara and Lawrence Christiano)

Nov 22

Martin Wolf, University of St. Gallen

Monetary Policy in the Age of Automation (joint with Luca Fornaro)

Nov 29

Dario Tortarolo, University of Nottingham

Five Facts About (Modern) Price Controls

Dec 06

Farzad Saidi, University of Bonn

Feasible Stimulus and Constrained Monetary Policy

Dec 13

Paolo Piacquadio, University of St. Gallen

The Inequality Toolbox
Dec 20

Martin Schneider, Stanford University

Money and banking in New Keynesian model

Jan 10

Maximilian Kasy, University of Oxford

Adaptive maximization of social welfare in theory and practice

Jan 17

Claudia Steinwender, LMU Munich

All aboard: The effects of port development

Jan 24

Martin Spindler, University of Hamburg

Double Machine Learning: An Introduction and Application to High-dimensional Additive Models

Jan 31

Thiess Büttner, FAU Nürnberg

Income Tax Credits for Consumer Services: A Tool for Tackling VAT Evasion?

Feb 7

Axelle Ferriere, Paris School of Economics

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