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New conference paper published at ICLR 2021

"Titel: Exemplary Natural Images Explain CNN Activations Better than State-of-the-Art Feature…

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New article published in the Journal "Computer und Recht"

Title: "Künstliche Intelligenz und Datenschutz im Human Resource Management: Technisch…

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New article published by Nature Machine Intelligence

"Shortcut learning in deep neural networks" by Robert Geirhos, Jörn-Henrik Jacobsen, Claudio…

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New article has been selected as an "Oral" to NeurIPS SVRHM workshop

Title: "On the surprising similarities between supervised and self-supervised models" by Robert…

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New conference paper accepted at NeurIPS 2020

Title: “Beyond accuracy: quantifying trial-by-trial behaviour of CNNs and humans by measuring error…

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New article published in the Journal of Vision

Title: "Estimation of perceptual scales using ordinal embedding" by Siavash Haghiri, Felix Wichman…

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