Excellence Strategy

Four "Global Encounters" Junior Professorships (f/m/d)


At the University of Tübingen, four "Global Encounters" junior professorships are to be filled as of 01.04.2022 or later. 

The Tübingen platform "Global Encounters", established with the Excellence Strategy, asks about the construction, reconstruction and restructuring of global networks. The focus is on processes and practices of interconnectedness and communication as well as on the consequences for knowledge and social formations resulting from the Global Encounter, which are examined with a view to their decoloniality as well as their future viability. The Global Encounters platform supports and organizes the research dynamics developing in this regard at the University of Tübingen and aims to channel and direct them towards the acquisition of larger third-party funding alliances up to and including clusters of excellence.

Within this framework, four junior professorships on subfields are advertised in different subjects: